Gigabyte GA-G41M-COMBO 8gb ddr3

Hi all, just reading this thread after having purchased the GA-G41M-COMBO motherboard and was wondering if it now supports 8gb of DDR3 as in the manual it says it only supports 4GB of DDR3 or 8GB of DDR2?? Any advice would be great, thank! Doug.
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  1. Crucial confirms the 8GB/8GB

    CLEARLY, it's a one or the other and NOT both. You cannot use DDR3 and DDR2 together.

    Yeah, I saw the manual - I think it's a typo. The last post I did with that MOBO it was 8GB/8GB and the OP purchased an 8GB that worked ->
  2. Yes I can verify that the cruzial 4gb modules are working...

    Tried Gskill 1066mhz an Kingston 1333mhz 4gb modules which were not working

    So if there is still someone interested in the info. ..
    Motherboard is still being sold
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