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Hi guys,
Two weeks ago i ordered a WD Green 1.5TB Hard Drive from warehouse deals for $73, but when it arrived on my door today, it was a 160GB WD Scorpio Black. (Would have preferred a WD 2TB Black). Now i am looking at other hard drives to purchase from.

The one i am looking at is the Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 TB on for $107.99 currently. I saw reviews that i will need to update the latest firmware to stop the chirping sound. I want to know, what is the equivalent model of this Seagate model to the WD? How reliable are these Seagate hard drives, since i heard from other posts that they were not affected by the Thailand floods, yet their warranty was cut down to one year. I never owned Seagate. If there are other 1.5TB+ hard drives with greater price/gigabyte ratio for less than $120 compared to this Seagate 2TB model using or Warehouse deal for purchase, i would be happy to accept the info. Any other info concerning this model, i welcomed.
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  1. Doesn't matter anymore. I found a Western Digital Black 2TB RE4 for $110 on ebay. Best deal so far after the Thai floods.
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