3d vantage - how do you determine benchmarks?

I have a 5770, and I got ~9500 in 3D Vantage score at the performance setting.
My fps during the first two tests were 25-29.

Another person with an E8400 got the same results as me. Also ~9500 score and ~25-29 fps.

However, then I see people with nearly double my score ~16,000 with the 5770. Also performance setting, but nearly everything they have are doubled.

I'm assuming this guy has two of the 5770s in Xfire right? How do you check the data to see if the person has more than 1 GPU?
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  1. Vantage skews results between systems like there is no tomorrow. It is hard to compare systems as the REAL WORLD results are always different in games. It is handy if you are upgrading one component in your system, or comparing identical systems with one or two different parts, such as in Hardware reviews.

    Your first like says you are using an e5300@3.6 GHz (wasn't sure if that was correct as your member config says i7 920). The next link is an e8400@3GHz. These scores are similar, which is probably pretty correct. However, the last link uses an e8500@4.8 GHz and DOES have (2) 5770's. Notice under "Linked Display Adapters" it says YES. That is the tell of a Multi-GPU setup.
  2. A key thing to remember in 3D Vantage is that multiple GPUs are not seperated and cause skewing of data. I had this problem when I was first trying to compare my system. Based on your CPU and GPU your score does seem appropirate. I have 10431 with I7920@2.66 and ATI 5850 (http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dmv=2087733)
  3. Yeah I get about 19,000 with a 4GHz i7 920 and a 5870 stock. But it doesn't make my games run any faster :P
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