Clicking & No Monitor Signal

Hi all,

Received my H50-1 for my i7 as my old waterpump packed up, everything was working perfectly untill i started up windows 7 and installed a driver for my mouse. The PC needed to restart so i proceeded to do so but on the "shut down screen" the circle wasn't spinning, so i manually restarted my pc by holung down the power button. My PC starts up perfectly but there is no signal on the monitor?
Sometimes it boots gets to bios but its frozen. Got to windows and tried to delete the driver but it froze, restart but no signal. Got back to windows after 700's try and running well, proceeded to enable SLi and it changed screen resolution and froze, hard restart and same again starting but not signal. Last time in windows didnt enable SLi played a game all fine general pc usage went to check my temperatures and it froze and had to hard restart.

All the fans are working the pump is flowing everything is as should be, but no picture but also i hear a clicking HDD but others from the DVD RW+/- drive...

Obviously this isn't normal for just a CPU cooler change, please please please need help

Processor: **watercooled** i7 920
Memory: 6Gb DDR3
Hard Drive: 1.8TB total
Video Card:**SLi** GeForce GTX 275
Monitor: Hyundai 24" W240D
Operating System:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4

need help urgently!

thanks in advance
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  1. you prolly bumped/jarred you RAM modules..

    REMOVE each one and reseat it very firmly (don't just push down).
  2. Thanks for your input Alvin, but sadly your idea didnt help. I cleaned, resat, put in other DIMMs and still the same...
    But now the PC is power on now off.. no.. off.. on ... off ... All by itself
    Then it will randomly work?

    If you have any other ideas i would gladly try them

    Thank you
  3. I still say ... "something got jarred loose, when you installed your cooler" .

    Clicking ??? From the drive ??? ... reseat SATA cables ??? (both ends).

    I assume the cooler installation and the thermal paste all went well and the H50 is locked down tight, with no gaps in the thermal junction ?
  4. CPU pwr cnctr

    ... The strange part is that various errors occur at various points of operation ...

    ... I am still leaning toward some intermittent connection or heat issue ...

    ... Can your PSU push all that? ... BRAND? ... Watts ???

    = Al =
  5. Correct - The CPU block went fine locked very tight

    The clicking it coming from DVD drive its so random

    I dont understand that the PC is running stable 90% of the time but no output is shown :/
  6. SORRY ... did not READ ALL of that , at first.

    H E A T !

    Something ain't right with the cooler (or PSU)
  7. I have a Hyper 1000w PSU. Even when i power down the machine the psu fan is still spinning. Untill i disconnect the kettle lead. Ive also tried using different leads all to no avail.

    I heard ... "I KNOW THE SOLUTION


    with 185 thumbs up for it working. I worked for me for the times the pc got to windows but now nothing, its like its just dumb luck
  8. Well ... I am only one tech, and I think a good one ... BUT ... I think I've blown my wad ... on the easy stuff, at least.

    Best to get some input from others, if they will chime.

    My summarization is that things were going great until you did your upgrade and that, now, symptoms and circumstances are sporadic and intermittent.

    Sometimes incorrect assumptions will lead us astray. Perhaps that is the case, here. ... ONE of us (or both) are dismissing or assuming or overlooking something.

    I am just going to hand you our (seriously successful) boot trouble TS document ... until we can get some input from others ...

    ... Don't blow this off! ... It is a methodical roadmap.

    And ... when you see "re-seat or reconnect" ... that does not mean to simply wiggle, or to push down ... that means to (fully) remove and re-insert .. fully.

    You knew that ... but hadda say it.

    Start writing stuff down ... knowns .. unknowns ... events ... symptoms .

    ... Test, log, test ...

    Divide & conquer ... prove each component as "absolutely good" and get it out of your "suspect pool" ... eventually ... you/we will nail it down.

    = Al =
  9. thank you so much for this

    reading now :)

    thanks for your quick help

    Other inputs needed please :)
  10. thank you for that, but is there a way for me to bypass this or totally get my output working??

    should i rebuild my PC totally from scratch??
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