Really struggling on choosing a PSU.

Yeah, like the title says, i'm struggling on choosing the right PSU.
I have been browsing websites like Newegg and Tigerdirect for a while now, but can't seem to make my decision.
(Also note, this is Canada.)

Could you help me find a good enough PSU?
Please note i WILL be upgrading in the future.

Asrock N68-S motherboard (Yes, budget gaming mobo.)
AMD Athlon II X2 245 at 2.9ghz, will be buying a better CPU tomorrow. Probably a Phenom II X2 555 or a Athlon X3 460 or something along those lines.
4GB DDR2 Ram
Sapphire ATi Radeon 5770.

The Newegg PSU calculator estimates somewhere along 400 watts of draw.
People have been recommending me this PSU :

Will it be good enough, assuming i'll be upgrading in the future?
Also been looking at a few OCZ ones, like Fatal1ty 550W and ModXStream 600W.

This combo deal has also captured my attention..?

But like i said, i'm having trouble picking out a PSU here.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. CPU-wise if your willing to take the risk, meaning you might not unlock but when you do a great value, the 555 is a great way to go. The Rana is more assured is actually a great budget gaming CPU. IF you did go with the 555 or Rana upgrade, i'd recommend just changing everything then, because no AM2+/AM3 mobo can actually unlock the 555, and your not exactly taking advantage of the DDR3. But since your on a budget, that can just work itself out later. The Fatality psu is a better choice better choice, however i'd spend a little more 30$ to be exact and get this, a XFX 650 Bronze 80+ cert. PSU, it is 100$ but since its Bronze cert, its better consistency for power than the fatality or the modXstream. Also, although it 30$ more, XfX really honors its rebates (well from my experience) and with the 20$ rebate going on currently you'd only be paying 10 more $ for a way better PSU
  2. After years of Antecs, for a medium powered system, I really like the Corsair 550VX.
  3. you can unlock the athlon x3 440 as well
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