Hello, I've been using a MBR 160GB 5200RPM HDD and when i recently tried re-installing Windows, it is giving me the error "windows cannot be installed on this disk the selected disk has a MBR partition table" and it says i need a GPT partitioned HDD. So, I need some help. Do I need to buy a newer HDD or is there some way I can make my MBR hard drive into a GPT? Thanks!
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  1. How many partitions are on the drive? MBR is limited in the number of partitions it can have. Try deleting all partitions and create a new one that is the entire size of the drive and try installing wondows to the new partition. A 160gig drive does not need GPT partitioning. It's mainly for drives over 2TB.
  2. GA-Z77X-UD3H
    I7- 3770K 3.5
    16GB Ram Corsair Veng 1600
    OCZ 120GB Vertex3 SSD
    Sata2 HDD 2TB
    Bios Date 08/22/2012

    Hi guys,
    I'd like to thank you Hawkeye22 for opening my mind to the necessity or (lack of), to use the GPT config, due to my SSD Size...

    I was having a similar problem, as stated below , however, the problem is now resolved and I'm loading Win 7 fine

    so after your enlightenment, I changed ALL bios settings to Legacy, I was still having the same issue, until I remembered another thread that stated to remove all partitions from the SSD, including the Recovery and Diagnostic, this is what was holding me up, I wasn't removing those 2 partitions and they were what made the drive a GPT partition style..

    Original issue below.

    I originally ran Win 7 for a month with the normal, minor issues. I recently decided to wipe the HDD and reinstall a clean copy of win 7, at this time, my only options were to install the OS on top/ within the present OS, thus leaving me with wasted space and multiple copies of the OS on the Hdd. I was unable to perform a full Fdisk , as I was unable to boot into the Bios, THIS WAS A COMPLETE MB ISSUE… another nightmare,
    See link Only if you care to, not an OCZ issue or totally related to this new issue.

    or copy and paste the following:-

    I fixed that problem and decided to format the OCZ Vertex3 120GB SSD according to the steps provided in the manual’s inside cover page (2) “Formatting The SATA III SSD DRIVE IN WINDOWS”

    Within a Win 7 environment (via a laptop running win 7), I attached the 120 SSD, and followed through from My Comp, Rt Click the SSD, properties, Format and then Quick format. The format completes fine, I am STILL able to view the formatted SSD in My Computer.

    The issues arise when I return the SSD to the stated computer above. I am able to view the drive within the Bios without a problem, however, when ever, I try to load a clean Win 7 OS, and I chose the SSD from the list of drives to install the OS on, I receive the error message “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style’.

    Coincidently I also have the same exact issue when trying to load win XP as in the following link….Yeah, I’ve been busy..
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