Help on upgrade decision!

Please no fanboy answers

Ok, so here is my system as it stands right now:

Intel p55kg Extreme board
i5 750 (oc'd to run 1600mhz to fully utilize memory stock speed)
8gb ddr3 1600 mhz
320gb SATAII HDD (space is not an issue)
nVidia 9600 gts 512mb
Ultra LSP Lifetime Series 750w PSU

Upgrade purpose
Increase system performance/gaming experience (WoW, L4D2, SC2 mostly) AND gain DX11 for furture games.

Budget - $400 max


1. GTX 470. (This is what I have planned unless someone can sway me.)

2. HD4890 and possibly a 50-60gig SSD (for OS and maybe a game or two) if I can find a deal. (Not really a fan of ATI from past experience)

3. 2x HD4770 crossfire AND 50-60 gig SSD.

I'm open for other suggestions as well. Would really like to keep the cost of this upgrade under $400 and get the most bang for my buck, of course.

Thanks in advance for any help! Will select a best answer!
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  1. 5870 for $399. It is better than the 470 performance wise, it is quieter, less power hungry and cooler and is not much more expensive. The 470 was designed to beat the 5850 which it did, but then they priced it too close to a 5870 which made it pointless. Despite having used only Nvidia myself for years, there is just no way I can possbily justify recommending the new 400 series for gamers over the ATI 5XXX series. I never thought I would see the day when ATI were better, but the day has come.

    Don't buy the ATI 4XXX series, they are good cards but if you are spending money to improve your modern computer, then spend it on new technology not old stuff, especially as more Direct X 11 will be coming out, no reason to buy a card that can't use it.

    The choice between a good GPU or a weaker one with an SSD, it has to be the GPU everytime, the SSDs are expensive and not going to give you much performance increase.

    If you want to spend less money then go with a 5850, it will play games well on 1920 x 1080 resolution, Crysis is the only one that will likely have to have AA turned off to stay at high settings.
  2. FERMI ... born to game but pros use it for gws & render, too ! Best of all worlds!
  3. But ... If you DO go FERMI ... Better put a new Corsair PSU on your list, as well.

    (maybe a couple of 120mm case fans, too).
  4. Fermi was NOT born to game. Nvidia quite clearly stated it is designed as a GPGPU and just happens to be able to game.

    That Ultra LSP 750, while having a good single 12V rail, only has as much wattage on it as a current 600W PSU. It will handle a 5870 fine, might be asking too much for a 470.
  5. Looks like your primary focus is gaming ... One (single) 5870 is prolly (honestly) the most cost efficient option, for your stated needs.

    That PSU is more than enough for one 5870 and that is all the GPU you are likely to need (or even want ... word).

    = Al =
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