Screen goes pink Sometimes (connected to pc)

dear all,
i just installed my new pc and here are the specs:
- Asus P6X58D Motherboard
- Intel Core I7 980
- ATI 5970 GPU
- 12 GB RAM DDR3 1600
- 1 X Solid state Drive 256
- 2 X 1TB Harddrives
- Soundcard Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion
- Power supply unit 1250W
- Pioneer optical drive
- OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

have connected the PC to my newly purchased 40 inch philips 9704 via HDMI (DVI to HDMI converter).

performance wise, the new pc is a monster. but there is something that is really worrying me. Every now and then, happens like once every hour, the screen goes black for a sec and then goes pink. Sometimes it fixes itself after a few seconds and sometimes i have to change channel and then go back to the initial channel to adjust it (always worked so far).

i havent over clocked anything and all items including the tv are brand new. I have all the latest GPU drivers and im sure there isnt any viruses on the pc yet.

can anyone tell me what is causing this? im really worried, the system cost me a fortune
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  1. Usually I have found that it's a short in a wire connecting to the devices. The converter may be loose or faulty as well.
  2. Thanks for your reply m8.

    Thing is everything i have is brand new.

    It can go for around 2 hours or more without happening and then suddeny goes pink. As i mentionned above, if i change the channel and go back to the original one (HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 then HDMI 1 again), it goes back to normal.

    I am worried this might become more frequent later on, I will try a new DVI to HDMI converter and see.

    But please if anyone has any clues, let me know.

    thanks again,
  3. Hi,

    I had a similar problem last year, however with my cable box.

    My cable box was configured to show all 1080i signal as 1080i and 480p as 480p.

    My tv did not like to go from 1080i to 480p and went pink/green each time we got a 480p channel.

    I had to enter a secret setup in the cable box to force all channel to display in 1080i.

    Maybe you have a setting in the tv/pc that verify the signal every hour and the tv does that weird thing.

  4. Hi Brad,

    thanks for your input m8. So what do you think i should do? it doesnt necessarily happen every one hour, sometimes it goes 2 hours or more.
  5. I dnt think this has to do with ATI cards in general. I mean usually im an Nvidia fan, but unfortunately the 5970 is ahead of all Nvidia cards at the moment.

    im still googling for a solution :(
  6. bumping for more help please :)
  7. Test your Gpu with Furmark its free search it in goolgle

    use stress test for 12 hours

    then the results will tell us if your Gpu has a problem

    i even suspect your DVi to Hdmi converter
  8. i love your Lcd its one of the best lol
  9. Wondering if you have ever found a fix to this?

    Been experiencing the same exact issue for the last day, can't find anything else on it searching the internet.
  10. Mr4q said:
    Wondering if you have ever found a fix to this?

    Been experiencing the same exact issue for the last day, can't find anything else on it searching the internet.

    Mmmm not sure if i am answering twice...anyhow i will answer again.

    It had to do with the Video Settings of my ATI card, something RGB vs YCBCR, not sure i remember well as this issue is years' old.

    Hope that helps m8 :) try and fiddle with these setings
  11. That's somewhere for me to start anyhow! Thanks a lot. :)
  12. I understand I am bumping an old topic, However, this is because A it was not solved and B, I beileve I know the problem so if anyone else stumbles upon this thread, they will have the answer. Ok, here goes my hypothesis.

    I think this is a screen refresh rate mismatch. In other words, something is telling your tv to outrun its capability (I.E exceed its maximum refresh rate). This explains why it goes back to normal if you change channel, turn it off/on or switch input. It has to recalibrate/reconfigure to its capable refresh rate, then once you tell it to do something where in which it exceeds the refresh rate, it at somepoint balks about it.
    For me, my TV is capable of only 50hz however, I had, in my Nvidia settings, to force a refresh rate of 60hz. After changing this setting to 50hz (the max capability of my tv), I can go in and out of games and the desktop will no longer turn pinkish.

    Possible solutions:

    1. check your tvs settings and make sure your not internally attempting to force it to refresh faster than is capable. (Most tvs will not display the ability to do this but im just covering my butt.)

    2. Check Nvidia control panel/catylist control center/generic graphics card settings to ensure it is not forcing a faster refresh rate than your monitor/tv is capable

    3. Check windows to ensure it is not doing the above. Right click desktop -> personalize -> Display -> Adjust Resolution -> Advanced settings -> Monitor -> "Screen Refresh Rate".

    4. Check to see if your game/movie playing software is trying to do the above. This step will vary significantly depending on the software your using/playing. If it supports changing the refresh rate, it will be in "Video Settings".

    5. If all the above fails, check your the model # of your tv/monitor online to cross reference and absolutely ENSURE you know what the maximum refresh rate is. Repeat steps 1-4 if this is different than previously thought.

    6. If you STILL have the issue begin suspecting cross-software polution. In other words, you may have multiple pieces of software forcing the refresh rate issue. Consider trying to test this method in safe mode. (Google "how to get to safe mode", if you don't know).

    Good Luck
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