Can i pair nvdia geforce 9600 GT with nvdia Quadro FX 580?

hello i have a gigabite GA-EP45T-DS3R (rev. 1.0) mother board with CrossFireX and i am running a nvdia geforce 9600 gt DDR3 on it... and this works fine...

now my question is can i pair it with another graphic card i have i.e Nvidia Quadro FX 580 on this board??? is it possible??

mother board is CrossFireX certified and the first graphic card (9600 GT) is SLI certified...
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  1. 1) you cant run two nvidia cards on CrossFire only board, you would need a SLI board or a comboSLI/CF board.

    2) the only card you can run SLI with a 9600GT is another 9600GT
  2. +1.

    although maybe you can plug both in, they won't work together to become one powerful card. chances are it won't work though
  3. Your question can be ansered by refering to the SLI/Crossfire FAQs found here:
  4. thank you for the information every on :) i better sell both my cards and get Quadro FX 1gb if availiable....

    can any one sugest me the best graphic card . i am a 3d animator... i need it to render highend fluid effects on it.
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