ATI VAPOR-X 5770 Installation CD

Hi, for some reason my drive cannot read this ATI install cd, so i was sondering if some of you guys would be kind enough and make .iso image of your install CD, which was included in your vapor-x 5770 box, and upload it somewere.

I know i can downlaod latest drivers but i had some major problems with them. Thats why i want to use drivers which came with card.
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  1. check what drivers came on the CD and download those from some other place
  2. The drivers on the CD are the same as at just older.
    Your best bet would be to Download the latest directly from AMD...
    There is really NO reason to use older driver versions.
  3. well i dont know why, but my fps in game drops sometimes, for example
    my friend has same cpu, gfx, amount of ram at same frequency as me, same hard drive, but when he is recording with fraps in game he get fps for example 100 my drops to 40
  4. Go to and punch in your info to get to the appropriate driver download page. Download the latest 10.3 Driver. There are ALOT of enhancements to the 5xxx cards. I am willing to bet the drivers on the CD are older.

    My rule is, NEVER install the drivers from the disks. They are always old and out of date, even if its only a few months. Especially with new cards. They constantly make improvements to the drivers month by month. Don't go to Sapphire's site either. The drivers on the manufacture's site are usually outdated as well.
  5. You can downloaold driver from ATI (AMD) site, but i recomend you downlad a latest driver.
    I never use driver on cd from package.
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