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I'm trying to put together a system to replace my Satellite TV/DVR system that is hooked up to 2 TVs and the system must be capable of HD video editing and photo editing. Won't be doing any gaming on this system.
My general train of thought so far has been to buy a higher end PC (i7 or AMD six core processor) with a large hard drive and a media extender for the 2nd TV. I was thinking I would set it up at a desk with a monitor to allow for gen use and photo/video editing and run an HDMI cable to the 47" LCD approx 25' away for TV viewing. 2nd TV would be hooked up to media extender with it's own hard drive. I probably would need a TV tuner for over the air content. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit is the OS I'm looking at using.
I'm considering building a system based on some of the articles on this forum or purchasing a pre built system from as I would get the extended 2 year warranty. Their ZT systems PCs seem to get good reviews and seem like they would be a good base to build on.

I've also considered getting 2 separate PCs- one for HTPC use and the other for gen. use and video/photo editing.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP, have tons of AVCHD content that needs to be edited and trying to get rid of $100 a month satellite bill.

BUDGET - Around $1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Media center that has DVR capability (thinking windows media center for interface), AVCHD video editing, photo editing for a DSLR, gen web browsing etc

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Have a wireless keyboard and mouse, monitor



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Trying to make the use of TV viewing as simple as possible for kids,and wife.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice and info you can give me!

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  1. Here are some key components that your build should be centered upon.

    All three of these cards are OpenGL 3.x and CUDA enabled.

    Any one of these will support two monitors, at hi rez and 60P (over 60Hz refresh).

    Two monitors can be any combination of HDTVs and or 1920x1200 DVI, etc.
    (certain configurations may require the purchase of an adapter @ cost of ~$16USD).

    The addition of a 2nd GPU card will allow up to two additional (4 ttl) monitors.
    (the 2nd card can be any GeForce or Quadro card ... SLI requires 2x identical GPUs).

    ATTENTION: ONLY SELECT (special) *SUB*Models of CERTAIN Geforce cards *DO* support OpenGL3.x !!! (i.e. not all 9800GT or 240GS support OpenGL3.x) !!!

    ONLY TIGER HAS THE CORRECT "SUB-SUB" Model of this special GWS card.

    THIS CARD IS WHIMPY BUT *DOES* DO "IT ALL" (NO SLI ... SILENT !!! ) ... (2xmons ... no prob)
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