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Xfx vs. sapphire vapor-x

I am thinking of buying an ati radeon 5770, i want to know which is better xfx or sapphire vapor-x?
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    Sapphire's vapor X cooler is better than XFX's, but If you live in the US then you can get a double lifetime warranty with XFX, I'm not 100% sure, but I think Sapphire's warranty is 2 years.

    The sapphire vapor X is ever so slightly overclocked on the Core by just 10Mhz

    The XFX one is stock, unless you go for the XXX edition.

    Personaly I'd go for the Vapor X as 2 years is plently for me as I change my GPU every 18-24months and I like the aftermarket cooler :)
  2. Same as above! Go for the sapphire dude!
  3. if price is equal, I'd take the better cooling solution. Meaning the Vapor-X, it tends to be more expensive though. The MSI HAWK would probably be my 5770 choice for it's cooler.
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