Samsung 830 128Gb slow read speeds

I have an 830 128Gb connected to a SATA3 port, AHCI is switched on and I am running Windows 7 with a Z77 Extreme4 motherboard. I tried out a few benches and my read speads are always low, well bellow the declared ones. I installed the drivers for SATA port and Intel RST that came with my motherboard I have no idea why my SSD is acting this way.
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  1. Do you connect the SSD into intel SATAIII (SATA3-0 and SATA3-1)? Don't connect to the SATA-A0 or A1. Check your MB manaul.
  2. I did, I checked that.
  3. Do you update the firmware or try other SATAIII port?
  4. Actually the SSD is connected to SATA3_A0. I guess it doesn't matter if it is SATA3? Do I have to connect to the other SATA3_0 instead?
  5. Yes.
    The SATA III_A0/A1 is ASMedia. And Intel SATA is fastest.
  6. Thanks man.
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