Weird electric sound coming out of computer even while its off.

Very randomly, sometimes once in 5 hours sometimes five times in a minute i hear a very strange sound coming out of case. Its not loud but its very different from the noise my fans or hard disc make. Im suspecting its the psu. I have it for 3months now and it started to make the sound few days ago. Its like a bzz but i can hear it for only maybe a second. Its no doubt electric sound but im not sure if its the psu. I have inspected all caps on motherboard and i didnt see any bad ones. I can sometimes hear it while my computer is off. But the sound stops when i swich pc off via the PSU on/off swich. I tried different power outlet. Pc works fine, no lag, freezing, bsod, error messeges. Its driving me crazy. Should i worry? How can i know that its indeed the psu?

Oh and in case someone wants to know my specs:
4gb ddr2
PSU is 550w chieftec
nothing's OC'd
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  1. I would recommend replacing that PSU. Sounds like it's slowly dying and you don't want the thing to blow out while you're gaming/what not. That could take out anything connected to it. $50 ~ $60 should get you a decent new PSU around the same wattage.
  2. It has a 2 year warranty so I'll RMA it once Im completely sure that its the psu.

    EDIT: ok so ive borrowed a friends psu to test it out and the weird buzzing sound is gone.
  3. so problam solved. have fun:)
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