Buzzing noise when computer comes out of sleep mode (constant)

Very strange issue on my computer, whenever (and it has always been like this just never cared to fix it until the power bills said so) whenever I put my computer into sleep mode for 30 min+ when it comes back on..everything boots fine, but this loud whine comes from the motherboard, it NEVER does this unless it's put into sleep mode for awhile, then taken out, and I end up having to restart it because it's quite annoying. Shutting down\starting up takes awhile, so I'd prefer to use the sleep mode...anyone have any ideas whats up?

Windows 7 64-bit, Asus M3A79-T Deluxe, Phenom II X4 @ 3.6ghz, Geforce GTX 480, 4gb DDR2 Reaper OCZ 1066, Corsair 750w PSU
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  1. Ahhh ... yet another case of SMWUWS (Sleep Mode WakeUp Whine Syndrome) ! ...

    Seriously tho ... I have never heard of this in all my years and I do read lots of mobo user reviews, and such ...

    .... If, however, this IS a common issue with your model mobo, then, it does stand to reason that the latest system BIOS flash upgrade might very well address it.

    ... also ... hybernation modes can be numerous, on some systems and some systems have many parameters which may be tweaked, so, ... THERE MIGhT be some other mode or other settings that could "work around" this issue.

    ... Read all the newegg reviews, for your mobo ... start with (sort by) the "worst reviews first" option ... If anyone else is having similar issues (or has a solution), it may often be found there.

    = Alvin =
  2. I do have the latest bios and as far as I know it has always done this...very annoying and I can't even imagine what causes it, I'll go into the bios and sniff around and report back if I find anything.
  3. Quack Doctor joke:

    PATIENT [swinging left arm] : Hey, Doc? ... My arm feels just fine except when I do *THIS* !

    DOCTOR [swinging left arm] : Well ... Don't do *THIS* !

    = Sorry ... seemed appropriate ... am I an ass? ... << Rhetorical Question =
  4. IF it really bothers you (enough) ... ANd .. If you are still under warranty ...

    R M A

    = ? =
  5. Lol. I would not RMA a mother-board because it buzzes when it comes out of sleep mode, not worth having to disconnect everything and not be with my gaming rig for a week+

    I can't find anything in the bios though, looked @ reviews on newegg, no mention of this. The only solution atm is to just not use sleep mode I guess. :-\
  6. Window control panel prolly has an energy management section ?
  7. If you remove the cover to the case, can you identify the source of the noise? I assume though sound is not coming from the sound/card speakers, rather from something inside the case. Correct?

    I would look for dust bunnies, fans not turning correctly/rubbing, etc. Look inside and see if you can determine the source.

    Recently, I had a weird issue that when one of my system's display slept that on odd whine would start. I assumed in was something inside the computer (I thought it was the HD at first). Turned out to be the UPS! Weird, no? Changed how I had things plugged into the UPS (which is admittedly underpowered for the system in question), but the whining went away.

    Happy hunting!
  8. Sure ... do get out your "stethascope" and see if you can pin-point it.

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