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I'm using a SSD for my boot/Windows drive, but I also have 2 internal 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black HDD that I use for storage and video recordings. I've been experiencing some issues recently with both drives, specifically they stop working for around 1 minute under load, and then start working again.

For example, I'm using a video recording application called Dxtory, which records games as avi videos, it has a benchmark tool that allows you to test the speed of your HDDs. When I start the test things seem normal and the drives transfer at around 125MB/sec, but then it suddenly stops writing data as if the drive has stopped working. This only happens with these 2 Western Digital drives and my SSD and Seagate 1TB drive do not have this issue. After about 1 minute the benchmark will continue to write data to the drive.

This issues can also be seen when I transfer large files to or from these 2 hard drives. They begin to transfer the files but shortly after they cut out and the transfer will freeze for about 1 minute.

I've tried to solve this issue in a few different ways. First I did a fresh install of Windows 7 onto my SSD to make sure it wasn't a software issues. Second I did a chkdsk which told me that both drives were working normally without bad sectors. Third I did a full format via the default Windows 7 contextual menu.

There are a few things left that I haven't tried yet, including: swapping out SATA cables, trying different SATA ports on my motherboard, trying different SATA power cables, trying the drives in a different computer. If you can think of any other ideas that would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I'm pretty sure I've solved the problem. The 2 WD HHDs where connected via a 4 pin molex adapter (part of my Case) while the SSD and SG HHD was connected via the normal SATA power cable. I guess my 4 pin molex was getting overloaded because when I switched the drives to normal SATA power cabels it works perfectly. This may have been due to a short I had recently with one of my fans, which was also a 4pin. Either way, I fixed it... after about 10 hours...
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