Best priced grpahics card for HTPC???

Hi people,

i am putting together a home theater pc on a budget,

i have a hp compaq slim 7100 with 3gb of ram with xp installed

i am looking to hook it up to me lg 50" plasma tv which has svideo and hdmi in ports

what would be the best pci express video card that has a hdmi out?

to be honest not 100% sure how the audio works!!!! if i get a video card with a hdmi will it have an onboard audo card so it do all in one

or will i have to link the graphics card to the on-board audio?

i look forward to your responses
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  1. the ATI cards will have audio out with their HDMI ports, so you run just one HDMI cable out

    since you have a slim line case, look into a low profile card that comes with a low profile bracket; ATI 4350, 4550, or 5450 (make sure the port out is HDMI and not a Display port, they look the same)
  2. thanks for your reply,

    unfortunately it doesn't look like newegg ships to the uk.....

    so have found one similar on ebay at

    what you think?

    thanks again

  3. I see conflicting information in that page. The picture shows the ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB + LP Bracket VGA,DVI & HDMI but in the Description it shows: GPU Model: Radeon X1650 Connectors: DVI, D-Sub which is an old card...
  4. i have just spoken to them and it is the ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB that they have,

    any opinions of that video card, has it got inbuilt audio?

  5. if its the sapphire 4350 they show in the picture (why do they link Asus as the manufacturer?) then you are good to go. The HDMI port out will include audio and video.
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