Can I Crossfire a 4850 & 5870

Can I crossfire two different series of graphics cards. I just bought a 5870 (400 bucks) and was wondering If I could crossfire it (my Mobo does support it), with a 4850 512MB?

My board is an Asus M4A7BT-E & it does go down to PCIx16 x8 when two cards are in place.
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  1. nope, you need two of the same card
  2. +1^
    The cards have to be the same(or sometime for the same family,for example you can CrossFire a HD 4850 with a HD 4870)
  3. i think even if it was possible to crossfire a 4850 (512mb) and a 5870, he would get worse performance than a single 5870.
  4. I heard they were working on drivers to crossfire cross family, but currently it the clock speeds (I believe??) and memory for sure default down to the lowest card while in crossfire.
  5. Currently there is no provision in the Crossfire drivers to link two cards that are of different families. You can link cards of similar model number but not of different families. The link below provides the possible combinations with current drivers.
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