Fixing my Sata and IDE hard drives.

Ok so I have a internal IDE drive 80g and just got a new seagate sata 250g I need to make the sata my new primary i have windows XP home SP3 and I made the Partition copy with the software for the seagate but now im downloading stuff and both the sata and the IDE are mimicking each other and the IDE is almost out of space. In bios i cant seem to get the boot order to change i hit enter select the sata but nothing changes even after I save. when i go to disk management it has my IDE as C: and sata as E: both are marked as NTFS it also says C: (the IDE drive) is "system" and E: (the sata) as"active".

how can I make SATA C: and IDE my E: or whatever, and still keep them both internal? I would like to wipe IDE and make a partition on it for the windows 8 preview for a little wile but im not getting the option to make a partition on either disc drive.

If anyone could help with both of there problems I would really appreciate it.
(this is a custom Alienware Intel D desktop)

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  1. oh and the system seems to detect the sata as a plug and play (like a USB flash drive)
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