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Ok so I got a brand new power supply. Two days later it goes, I switch back to old power supply. Computer acts funny (doesnt sense some pci ports, usb sometimes works sometimes doesn't) but it still worked I played games and watched movies. I decide to buy new motherboard.
I connect then put in windows 7 dvd and at loading windows screen it either freezes or restarts.
Tried diffent cd-rom-SAME
Tried different hard drive- SAME
Tried windows xp- FREEZE
Swap out one stick-SAME
Replaced with other- SAME

Of the original components from old pc I am using same ram and processor(used onboard video).
Tomorrow I am returning motherboard(can only return for replacement) and ram. Leaveing old processor. My question is, Is it safe fore me to use that processor? Like can it damage other component
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  1. The processor either fits the socket or doesn't. It's not going to damage anything. Having the wrong leads to the motherboard from the power supply could damage it, but not a bad cpu.
  2. what kind of board do u have. some bords you can actualy flip a switch to turn off some pci slots, also what kind of ram do you have and what kind does the board take. like if you have ddr2 and the bouard only supports ddr3 thay can be forced in but would caus alot of problems. this is a big case i have seen alot of cases the same as yours having to do with what ram is inserted and what is suported.
    bios seems fine since your getting to the windows instale but might also be somthing there im not the best at what im talking about but i have been reading alot on toms for a bout 3-4 months now. i lis to what others say about the issues so i know a good amount. also double cheack all psu leads to make shore thay go where thay go like if its a 2 pin atx board and the psu has a 20+4 pin atx make sure the 20 pin is in and the 4 is not being used at all. there will be a sepret 4 pin cpu power suply that goes next to or neer the cpu if you can give us a lil more infor some of these qestions or problems can be eliminated and point at like 1 or 2 that could be the prob sorry for the spelling im not the best ty

    NVIDIA nForce ATX AMD Motherboard NF980-G65

    I took it apart and rehooked it up same problem. Both power connectors are connected to mobo. with the full pins in use 20 pin and the seperate.
    Its not a power issue. I tried different ram today same problem so its either my processor or motherboard.
  4. ok what type of ram do u have if you have ddr2 ram then you messed your board your board takes ddr3 only so the ram u put in if it was ddr2 ram or anyother ram type other then ddr3 that is your prob
    if it is ddr3 ram you used in it before trying the new ram then nothing would be wrong with the ram
    nuthing would be wrong with your prosseser b/c the fact is that it boots and starts to instal windows but freezes if it was a cpu problem then the comp i dont thik would even get to bios but you can cheack to make shore no pins are bent or broke off if you forcet it in or did not pet it drop in like normal
    the fail rate for comp parts are low but there still out there for 2 mobos in a row to be messed that is like hitting the lotto 2 times in a week
    + with the atx connecter it shows here you should have a 20+4 pin atx connecter + another 4 pin for the cpu right not just a 20 pin atx and a 4 pin cpu let me know
    more and likly you put ddr2 ram in that mobo and messed your boaurd i say this cuass this is a big problem out there and b/c i dont know what ram u put in the first time just b/c u replaced the ram if you put anything other then ddr3 ram in u messed you mobo and if you try to put the right ddr3 ram in it will still yeild the same result b/c the mobo dinns are messed let me know
  5. DDR 3 Ram in DDR 3 board
  6. ok then ram is not the issue
    do u have one of these cpu's in there these are compatable
    Sempron, Phenom II X3, Athlon II X2, Phenom II X2, Athlon II X4, Athlon II X3, Phenom II X4

    ok not a ram issue
    not a gpu issue
    not a hdd issue not a cd/dvd issue
    ok from my knowlage witch is not that good eather the cpu is failing somehow or psu or mobo is not grounding right grounding is good b/c stand offs and mobo is screwed down and psu is screwed in thats good now cpu or wait what made u replace the psu in the first place im sorry for bouncing around i know what im talking about its just im realy focast on your issue and trying to get all know issues with your comp
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