MTP device on laptop but wont except pix from device. ie: the tablet

Took pix with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and cant get a connection between that and laptop to transfer pix.....
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  1. I took pictures with my Galaxy Tab2 and now I cant send them to my laptop. What do I need to do?
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    Mtp usb device driver for samsung galaxy s duos GT-S7562
  3. Kate S

    When you attach the cable between your tab and the PC, is the tab at the main menu unlocked? I have a totally different device but it won't attach if its screen-locked when the connection is made.

    Once you attach the tablet to the PC via USB, do you get a failure message? Does the PC respond at all, even beeping? Have you opened Explorer and looked in My Computer? I ask that because, with my tablet, the tablet shows up as a storage device and I have to navigate (on the PC) to the photo storage on that device.

    Or are you using PC software that was provided by Samsung, which would be a different kettle of figurative fish?

    A little more detail can help us resolve your problem.
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