GTA 4 PC - Performance help PLEASE!!

Hi, i bought gta 4 for ps3 and for my pc a few months after the release. i have recently been playing it and trying to get the graphics options to full as i think my pc should be able to handle no problem.
here are my specs:-

i7 cpu 920 2.67GHz
6.00 GB ram x64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 - 3688mb

my problem is i can run it in high settings but i want it higher its only letting me use around 700 - 800mb of graphics memory, when i have forced it to go to full specs my FPS drops from around 40-50 to 15-18 maybe a little higher when nothing is happening.

i also have just updated my pc today from vista to windows 7 as i have seen it improve people gaming performances and FPS but i just wasted £60 because its done nothing

I would really be grateful if anyone could shed some light on this or tell me if my pc is just basiclly not good enough.

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More about performance please
  1. well first off, your gtx 260 could not have 3688 mb of memory, they only 896 or double that at 1792, I'm assumming based on the game that you only have the 896 mb version of the card, since it's stopping you at 700-800mb which would make sense.
    If your putting the memory up that high your probably forcing the buffer onto your normal ram, which is far slower than the onboard vram
  2. thanks for the reply jonnyboyc.

    i said 3688mb of memory because when i run dxdiag from the start menu it give me that figure

    Name: NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Chip Type: GeForce GTX 260
    DAC Type: Intergrated RAMDAC
    Approx. Total Memory: 3688 MB
    Current Display Mode: 1440 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz)
    Monitor: HP W1907 Wide LCD Monitor

    Thats what it says under display/device, im sorry i was just writing down what the computer told me.

    The frustrating thing is i am able to run crysis,fallout3,mass effect 2, empire: total war ALL in the highest specs possible with no problems and excellent FPS why not gta
  3. it's probably giving you all available memory that can be allocated to your video card. And your pretty much running it on highest, the only thing the extra memory does is increase the draw distance for objects and textures, it's still probably highest quality , just not a super crazy draw distance
  4. oh right, ok. thanks for the info. i thought it was something up with gta 4 because alot of people seem to be having the same problem were its not letting them use any were near the amout of memory they have got. well thanks again.
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