Ulra vs seasonic

which psu menufactor better?
i have in mycountry the seasonic but i can order from ebay if iy will be necessery.
right now i have bad psu from codegen........
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    I have a SeaSonic M12II 620W and I know that SeaSonic is an excellent PSU manufacturer. They manufacter a lot of PSUs for Corsair and other good companies as well.

    Don't know much about Ultra PSUs, saw some reviews looked pretty good but SeaSonic is a solid brand for sure.

    Which PSU is it? can you post a link to the site in your country? (ישראל?)
  2. go with the seasonic, they have an excellent reputation for making quality PSU

    Ultra is hit or miss
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  4. faune how did you wrote my county? what country are you from? this is link from ksp(pc components in my country) just select a city.
  5. אני מאותו מקום.

    I figured it was either KSP or Ivory. In any case let us know what your specs are so that we can help you pick one: CPU, GPU, Ram, Hard Disk, optical drive, etc...

    Here is the English link to KSP if anyone else needs it in order to help: > Click "parts" on the top bar > the "power Supply" on the side bar. It is arranged by company. Additionally they have Corsair which is also good.

    The exchange rate is: 1 USD = ~ 3.84 NIS
  6. חח איזה פירוט עשית להם.
    i have core i5-750 in turbo mod to 3.2 GHz
    ati radeon hd5770 oc
    kingston 2x2 1333 MHz
    gigabyte p55a-us3l
    dont know m optical drive/hdd/etc
  7. :)

    We need to know if you want to crossfire in the future and your budget:

    Here are some PSUs in the general range (the site has even more) from Corsair and SeaSonic @ the website the OP gave . Keep in mind he is OCing both GPU and CPU.


    S12II-520 : $ 90 (NIS 345)

    M12II-520 (Modular) : $104 (NIS 400)

    S12II-620 620W 80+ Bronze : $98 (NIS 375)

    M12II-620 620W Modular 80+ Bronze (Modular) : $115 (NIS 440)

    M12D-750 750W Modular 80+ Silver (Modular) : $177 (NIS 680)

    SS-850HT 850W 80+ (non-modular and over kill, but... cheaper than the M12D-750w) : $169 (NIS 650)


    VX 550W : $126 (NIS 485)

    TX 650W : $148 (NIS 570)

    TX 750W : $177 (NIS 680)

    HX 650W (Modular) : $182 (NIS 700)
  8. i think i will add another 5770 in abount a year. and i really want the 620 modular.
  9. The Seasonic M12II 620W (modular) is the one I have it is really good. It should be enough for a crossfire set up.

    Although it appears that it should be fine... I would look into before getting it, just to be 100% certain, is if it can handle your overclocking your CPU + one maybe two GPUs. I guess that depends on how much you are overclocking.
  10. if i will add another card, i will oc'ed my cpu to 3.8 GHz something like that...
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