My Abit IB9 and intel x25m 80GB SSD

Hello peeps, I have a question and that i can get answered after Google'n, I have ICH8 on my motherboard and i get a 7.2 in WEI and it takes me 6-7 sec's to load a black ops multilayer map but my buddy has a motherboard that uses ICH10 and he gets a 7.8 in WEI and his black ops loading times are almost instant 1-3 sec's.

So before you ask yes we both have TRIM enabled optimized are SSD's with intels Toolbox and we both have GEN 2 SSD's with same firmware, we are both EXACTLY identical only difference is the motherboard.

So is ICH8 slower than ICH10?
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    My initial assumption is AHCI vs IDE and then each MOBO itself chipset aside has different SATA speeds. Next is how the BIOS, OS and if there's sharing of the lanes.

    The real differences are in both Chipsets AND CPU between you and your friends; in other words the WEI is an Architectural difference vs {ICH8 / ICH10}.
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