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I purchased a M4A785-M mobo from ASUS and this is my first mobo installation.

Everything except the system panel connectors is set up. I'm actually very confused as to what I should do and I need some help with setting up the connectors.

I'm not sure what this cable does, exactly... but it does have 4 pins and 1 empty slot

That's the front chassis connector with 4 pins and 5 empty slots

Here's the diagram for the panel connections

I'm really not sure about this because my other motherboard was labeled plainly...

Can anyone help me, please?
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  1. I suppose it depends on what case you have. Your third picture shows the connections for the case/front panel.
    PWRSW is your Power Switch.
    PLED is the Power LED.
    IDE_LED is the drive activity light
    RESET is the reset switch.

    Now if we know what the cables from the case are, problem solved! What is the case? Are those pictures connectors from the case? They look like hard-drive power connectors to me, but I'm not good at guessing from pictures.
  2. RedTincture said:

    USB connection.
  3. There's another cable that was labeled USB that I already plugged into the USB connectors.
    That one connects to the front of the case - from the power button and the led at the front

    The other cable (not pictured) is labeled USB so I connected it to that, but is the yellow one a USB cable as well?
  4. Delluser1 says that it's USB, so let's hope so. Since you already plugged a usb cable into the connectors, I'm going to assume that you can find another USB connector for it.

    For the front-of-the case connector, how many pins does it have and what is the color order? It may not fit your connectors - your system's power button / light button pin pattern is light-light-empty-emtpy-power-power, and that doesn't look like a six-pin plug.

    What model is the case, and do you have the case manual?
  5. It has 4 pins and the color order is blue, white, red, white. There's 5 other unused slots on that one.

    I plugged in the yellow cable into the USB ports and that worked.

    The cable that is labeled USB has 8 pins - The top 4 are black, yellow, blue, orange and the bottom 4 are black, green, white and red.

    When I hooked the cable labeled as USB into the power switch, my computer booted up successfully, but there's no LED. The USB ports at the front did not work, but the card reader was recognized.

    Also, my heatsink is being incredibly loud when plugged in, but that's probably something else. The motherboard has a auto overclock feature that might be doing it, but I'm not sure.

    The computer is actually a eMachines Et1331g-05w with every stock part except the motherboard. The old mobo was a MCP61PM-GM, if that helps since I can't find the manual.

    The new one that I installed is this one -

    Hope that helps
  6. WyomingKnott said:
    Delluser1 says that it's USB, so let's hope so.

    I suppose I could have put a question mark at the end of my last post, not knowing what case it was in.
    Not a good photographer, but you can see the same pinout on this dual port usb connector as in the OP's photo

    That said, the OP's connector being in an Emachine case, could be anything

    Edit; Nope it's USB, according to specs the old MB had 2 x 1 port USB headers.
  7. So the yellow one is definitely a USB connection?

    I don't have access to a camera at the moment but what about the other one I described that was labeled as USB?
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