What to expect from a HD 5870 in this matter...

I am in the process of buying a HD 5870 video card. All the reviews have praised that VC and even call it a "graphics beast".

Given so, as I have a 24" (1920x1200), would I be able to run Crysis on that resolution with all settings at VERY HIGH and with 8X AA at a great 100% playable speed?

I am asking this because on other monitor I have (a 20") with my GTX260 at 1680 x 1050, I can only run Crysis at VERY HIGH and good frame rate at 2x AA, 4x is pushing it and very laggy and with 8x I even can't play, the game just crashes...
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  1. Wow! Could I play it at least at 2x AA with a good frame rate or not even that?

    What you mean Crysis is a "poor game"? You mean a bad designed software taken that a better programmed game could have same or better graphics without that much card requirement?

    That's why Crysis 2, being a console game based, won't be as pushy as the first one was, right? What will be the next Crysis like game to push your video card? Maybe it won't be anymore as everything is based now on consoles...?!
  2. I have a i7-920 and 6gigas of RAM. Should I buy more ram or that is ok?
  3. I am at the cusp of what I consider playable with 4890 crossfire at 4xAA. You'd have a great time with 2xAA, anything more and there will be obvious slow downs at parts. Any more than 4gigs of ram will go nearly unused in gaming situations. 6 is more than enough. The only reason anyone needs more is to do funky things with page filing or professional work.

    I know we love to death to put crysis down for being poorly coded... but it does look stellar how many years later? I can even run it on my crap box of a laptop at lowest settings and still have it look 'nice'. Not that I want to get into it.. but at what point does "poorly written" become "exceptional scalability/longevity." Frankly it just seems like an epeen issue that folks got all hurt that the game scaled past what their boxes could dish out :) Not like it sets computers on fire or crashes a lot (the one actual fubar coding was the memory leak in the last level)... I just find it odd that we complain about "console ports" that can max out on a 4870 then in almost the same breath lambaste the games that try to provide ultra high end scalability because we can't play them without crazy hardware.
  4. Ok thanks. I am not going to build a HD 5870 X2 system just to be able to run a 2007 game at 8X AA. I would surely make the effort and invest in such a superb system if we had at least 2 new titles likes Crysis per year but nowadays game creators have stopped pushing the limits of videogaming to the point that is almost useless to have such a superb machine for no games that can use that much power.
  5. The difference between 4x and 8x isn't that noticeable IMO... I bought an Asus 5870 and overclocked it to 950mhz. I'm running Just Cause 2 (which is pretty demanding) at high settings at 1920x1200 with 4x AA and 16x AF enabled..runs perfect.
  6. @Bighairyman: How much future proof do you think the HD 5870 is? Do you think in 2-3 years it could still run all games fine?
  7. The 4870x2 came out about 2 years ago and its performance is very close to the 5870.. odds are that it still will be near the top.
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