Multiple computers freezing at POST

Ok hardware first :

Intel Core i5-750
Intel DQ57TM
(edit) 4 x 2 Go Kingston OR Avant
500W PSU (Allied PC) but we also tried Corsair CX-430 and a 600W Seasonic
HD 4350 and/or Quadro FX 580
320 Go Seagate

alright here's the problem :
we have a few labs with these machines (at least 20 per lab). When we try to ghost them, half the lab freeze at the POST. The HDD light is always on and rebooting the PC doesn't fix the problem we have to unplug the power, wait 30 sec then plug it back and EVEN then it doesn't always work. We also occasionally get this problem when rebooting them individually.

The company (ciara tec) who sold us the PC is saying that it's the monitor that cause this problem. I call bullshit. I never saw a computer froze at POST because of a monitor. Plus, we have the same problem with 3 differents monitors (1 Philips, 2 type of Lenovo).

Does anyone have any idea about what could be causing this problem ?

Oh and we got this problem right out of the box.

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  1. Right off, the maximum density per DIMM is 4GB, therefore in order to have 16GB you'd need 4X4GB.

    Edit: Compatible RAM -
  2. Yep true I meant 4 x 2 Go for a total of 8 Go. I'll correct it !
  3. Ok just checked in the labs. We got some with Kingston and others Avant memory (not mixed together) but both model are certified to work on this board (according to
  4. My assumptions of the problems: 1. Incompatible RAM, 2. Bad Image copied.

    Next, Ghosting is great as long as the image is 'good'; xeroxing 20+ bad images isn't good. Therefore, first I'd start out taking 2 machines and reformat them then reinstall the OS {test} then Apps {test}.

    Also, what EXACT RAM is installed? Please use CPUz to identify the Part-Numbers <OR> read it off the packaging/stick. Further, I assume that the RAM: 1. Installed in the Correct Slots, 2. Matched Sets, 3. Fully verified as QVL/Tested.

    On those (2) random machines, create a bootable Memtest86+ CD/DVD use the ISO/zip file -> {this is their official site} and test for a minimum of 2 Passes.

    CPUz Info; download App ->
    1. Note the Part-Number:

    2. Note the SPD info {this shows the info per stick, supported Frequencies, supported CAS, and most importantly Voltage}:
    {DDR = Double Data Rate ; therefore per example 533 MHz X 2 = 1066MHz}
  5. Just to clarify : the computers freeze on the Intel Logo. We're not even trying load the OS, the computer didn't finish his POST.

    AS for the RAM : we ran Memtest86+ 4.20 (booted from our PXE) on 2 labs (so 40 to 50 PC) without any error.

    I'll post back when I got the exact info for the RAM.

    Thx for the help so far
  6. HyperBladeST said:
    Ok just checked in the labs. We got some with Kingston and others Avant memory (not mixed together) but both model are certified to work on this board (according to

    The Sticks need to be in the FORM of a Matched-SET:

    BAD = KVR1333D3N9/4G
    If used in Dual Channel Mode; you need Matched Sets.

    BAD = KVR1333D3E9S/2G
    ECC RAM, ECC RAM MUST be paired with a ECC CPU -> e.g Xeon processor 3400 NEVER with a Consumer Core i5-750 NON-ECC CPU

    The PROBLEM would be to order per EXACT PART-NUMBER in PAIRS; many of those 'sticks' have DIFFERENT DUAL CHANNEL Part-Numbers that need to be translated to their SET counterparts. This is a common newbie error.
  7. Here's an example of what I referred to above; note the varying P/Ns - ALL the SAME RAM IC:

    F3-12800CL9Q-8GBRL -
    Single P/N = F3-12800CL9S-2GBRL
    Dual Channel P/N = F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
    Quad Channel P/N = F3-12800CL9Q-8GBRL

    CPU: | X | 2GB | X | X | ; Single is fine *
    CPU: | X | 2GB | X | 2GB | ; Don't use single, Use BIN Sorted & Matched Dual Channel Kit **
    CPU: | 2GB | 2GB | 2GB | 2GB | ; Don't use single, Use BIN Sorted & Matched Dual Channel Kits, or better the Quad Channel Kit ***

    * In 1X_GB any of those Certified sticks are fine; therefore pull 1 of the sticks per manual; if the problem is resolved then mystery is solved.
    ** In 2X_GB the Dual Channel is very sensitive to BIN Sorted sets vs unmatched single sets. Typical BIN sort is 6-8 BINS.
    *** In 4X_GB Both Sets must have the SAME Frequency, CAS, Voltage and since the Channels are separated 2 DUAL Channel Kits can work, however for best results a 'Quad' Matched Set is preferred.
  8. Ok here's what I have

    the exact label on the ram is : AVF6456U64F9333GF-MTDP and all 4 stick are identical.
    I can't find much info on the model ... it's not even listed on Avant website ...
    I guess that since they look like single 2 GB stick (not part of a kit) and are all identical it shouldn't cause a problem.
  9. I love 'shouldn't', 'couldn't', 'wouldn't' -- lacks absolutes. In this forum Intel MOBOs are about the worst, close in problems to Gigabyte, for all sorts of oddball problems, poor construction, and failures. Great CPUs!

    Look for 'Matched Pair'

    Using one of the affected PCs:

    ref Intel® Desktop Board DQ57TM -

    1. Pull one of the sticks leaving one stick installed {see above}. Q - What happens?
    2. Try the Wrong slots; first two slots populated {breaks Dual channel mode}. Q - What happens?
    3. Properly installed RAM, update the BIOS [TMIBX10H.86A] - Q - What happens?
    4. {Optional} Try cleaning the affected DIMM slots: use Isopropyl alcohol then dampen the RAM contacts, fully as insert damp, remove & wipe-off, repeat again, with removed allow to dry ~5 minutes, reinstall.
    5. {Optional} Try a 'Matched Set' from the 'computer store' down the block.

    In all of my posts, 4GB in general are the toughest to get to work - period. Besides the 'sets' issue they require and sometimes lack proper power.

    1. {Update as above.}
    2. Try DRAM Voltages: 1.55v, 1.60. Q - What happens?
    3. Try QPI/DRAM Voltage {sometimes CPU VTT} = 1.3v. Q - What happens?

    Typical P55/LGA 1156 installation:

    No, I couldn't find the F6456U64F9333G either, contact US Tech the distributer
  10. Question - What OS?

    If OS 7 then even on the 'running' PCs verify that the BIOS didn't shutdown one of the sticks. Per the Image, if the H/W Reserved is greater than 20MB then those machines are ALSO affected. The BIOS was smart enough to shut-down one of the DIMMs.

    Resource Monitor:
  11. Right now they're all on Win XP. But we have few PC that still have the OEM image (W7 Home Premium 64). I'll check this out tomorrow (got a few calls I need to finish before 4 pm).
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