Adding a switch to current setup

Hi all i have come here to look for advice on setting up my network with a switch.

The current setup:

I currently have 5 computers that connect to the internet via a D-Link DSL-G604T wireless router. The above router allows four wired connections and further wireless connections.

The intended setup:

Not being a fan of wireless i would like to add a fifth computer to my setup.
To do this i decided to buy myself a switch so i went onto ebay and purchased a Netgear JFS524 unmanaged switch.

The Problem:

Not being the most clued up on switches i decided to buy an unmanaged switch and thought it was going to be plug and play?
Currently i have one cat 5e cable leaving port 1 on the D-Link wireless router the other end goes into my new switch also at port 1. I then have cables connecting ports 3/5/7/9/11 on the switch leading to my other computers.

Once doing this however i an unable to obtain an internet connection.

I am not able to ping the router at all when the switch is in place.
Windows firewall has been turned off.
Windows 7 is showing the network connection as unidentified and cannot diagnose the issue.

Heres to hoping im just being thick! Hope you can help.


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  1. Sounds like you bought a bad switch.
  2. So my setup is correct? Thanks for the kind reply.
  3. Yes, your setup is correct.
  4. It appears correctly configured to me as well.

    What I'm about to say doesn't seem likely, but I thought I should mention it.

    After checking the specs on both these devices, neither specifically states support for auto-mdix. If that feature is not present on one or the other, then the only way you could patch the switch to the router would either require a crossover cable/adapter, or if the switch has one, using the uplink port.

    Again, this doesn't seem very likely since auto-mdix has been available w/ most every network device for years (making crossover cables/adapters and uplink ports obsolete in the process). But I have no idea how old these devices are either (the D-link website says the router was discontinued some time ago). And if it so happens you have such equipment, that would explain the problem.
  5. Form the Installation Guide ( the JFS524 supports Auto Link.
  6. Quote:
    Form the Installation Guide ( the JFS524 supports Auto Link.


    Different model of Netgear switch, but one guys claims it would only work w/ crossover cable despite having auto link. Doesn't make sense, but unless the switch is just bad, I can't think of any other course of action (I assume the OP has tried all the other LAN ports on each device w/ the same results).
  7. Many thanks for the responces, i'm going to return the switch after trying all/ports and cross over cable still not joy.

    Thanks again for the kind replys.
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