Computer won't Post MB prob?

My computer at froze all of a sudden yesterday. Was just reading an email and suddenly nothing moved; mouse, keyboard had no effect. It didn't power down or anything, just suddenly froze with no weird sounds from the case.

I held down the power button until it shut down and tried turning it on again. Nothing came on the screen, but the power light came on. Usually the power LED is green, but this time it came up yellow/orange. It's a dell business computer by the way. I checked the cable connection to the monitor and it is secure, everything is getting power. I've searched the forums for this problem and some things sound similar, but usually when it's a PSU problem, the computer will shut itself down after about 10 seconds, and that's NOT happening with mine.

Another note, even though nothing is coming up on the screen, the fans in the case are unusually loud. I mean really loud. Thought it was gonna blow up in my face. There are no beeps from the computer, it just starts whirling the fan.

Just before I left for the day yesterday, I pulled the power plug for half an hour and tried again. This time it powered up and worked like normal so I thought it had fixed itself. I left it running a virus scan overnight and this morning it was frozen again on the screen saver. Same problem as before when I tried restarting it.

Any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks
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  1. No, it does sound very much like a PSU problem. Most PSUs are multiple rail there some power will come through and you get all sorts of oddball behavior. Worst, a bad PSU can and will damage ANYTHING it's attached to.

    Just had a post yesterday, and the PSU did more less as you described but nothing on the screen. The OP had to replace the: PSU, MOBO, & GPU. Don't start-up the Dell anymore until you get a PSU replacement. I recommend Corsair: Single Rail, Japanese Capacitors, Under/Over/Fault protection.
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