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I recently got sick of NVidia's BS and cancelled my pre-order of a GTX 480 and instead got a 5970. I must say its a really good card though it gave me a few scares when installing the latest drivers but im just a nervous person anyway.

At 1080 im getting average 80 FPS on bad company 2 with settings on High, is that about right for other people?

Config is in the sig.
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  1. How much AA are you using? Maxed out AA should be around there.

    Im running a 2560x1600 and 2x AA, that gives me 80 average, 50 minimum.

    Have to say minimum is more important. I should scale back to give me 60 minimum. Every time there is a huge dust cloud in my face with lots of explosions my FPS drops. Any everything makes huge dust clouds. Its like the game got something to hide.

    All the enginners use rockets, all the assault use the noob tube, and all the medics fire so many bullets they whip up huge dust clouds anyway.
  2. Erm i don't know how much AA high settings uses, im gonna guess 4x me thinks? Also have HBAO enabled which apparently is very intensive.
  3. Ya HABO does suck up a lot. I turn it off as well. If I had it off and 1920x1080 I get well over 100FPS.

    I also overclock my card to 950mhz core and 1250mhz memory at a surprisingly low 1.149v
  4. Sounds good, never overclocked a graphics card before but apparently its safe now for the 5xxx series.
  5. Hey there,

    At "max" settings, it sounds about right.

    @2560x1600 res, "max" settings gives 80-100fps ave, 50-60 min.

    You might want to consider overclocking your CPU to get better numbers.

    Good luck.
  6. Oc ur CPU to 4.0GHZ and ull FPS will increase
  7. My CPU overclock came with me setting the XMP memory profile in the BIOS for my memory to run at full speed. Is it safe to OC it anymore than what it gave automatically?

    Oh and in response to Rofl's original reply, my minimum is around 65 FPS. I think i might take off HBAO and see if i get any increases in FPS.
  8. Horizon based ambient occlusion
  9. Sounds posh, posh is generally GPU hungry.

    Any tips on voltages/BCLK speeds etc?
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