Random reboots

Last October I built a custom computer:

* Antec Sonata case w/ 500 watt PSU (Eath watts PSU)
* Intel DP55WG board
* Intel i5 quad core CPU
* Stock Intel CPU fan and thermal gel
* Crucial DDR3 memory (2GBx2)
* WD 500GB HDD
* Saphire ATI Radeon 4650HD PCI express video card (does not require additional power)
* Onboard audio and LAN
* Windows 7 x64

Randomly while using the computer it will reboot as if I hit the restart button. This will happen randomly when I watch a video (flash) for 30 minutes or listen to Zune for 20-30 minutes (although Zune ran for 24 hours all day yesterday with no problems) I can play Star Trek Online for about 20 minutes until it reboots or at times I can play for an hour or more with no problems. This has happen while editing photos as well in the Canon software.

I thought that it was blue screening however I don't see the blue screen so I set Windows to NOT reboot when a BSOD occurs however it still reboots which makes me feel a BSOD is not happening.

I ran memtest and it passed. I don't know if it's over heating or not or if this would even cause this to happen. I am not over clocking. I also have had this up and running for 2 days straight with no problems, I shut it off last night, turn it on this morning and in 10 minutes it reboots.
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  1. Random Reboots are usually heat, driver or RAM issues.

    DL HW monitor and give us what your temps look like.

    Make sure your drivers are up to date. ALL of them, not just GPU, but audio, chipset, etc.

    Check your RAM settings. Make sure voltage and speed and latency are correct in the BIOS for your RAM.

    How many passes did you run Memtest? If it was fewer than 8 passes, do it again overnight for at least 8.
  2. Hi,

    All drivers are updated, I even reinstalled Windows just to get a clean slate. I don't overclock or set any voltages and I'm not going in there to play with the settings, CMOS is set to default settings.

    I ran memtest once, however I can run it as you suggested. I dont think it's heat due to the fact I ran it for 2 days straight have in run a couple of programs- then the next day I started it up and was looking through some photographs and in 10 minutes it rebooted.

    I have another PSU that I believe will work and will try that as I know that PSU is working properly. I will also check out the HW monitor.
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