GeForce 6100 and New 20"/23" monitor

Last day, my 15" Acer monitor burned-out due to short-circuit. :(

Im planning to buy a new Acer monitor. I bought my PC 5 years back and I dont know, whether my display chipset supports the maximum resolution by the new monitor.

I reached @ 2 option from Acer:

1. V203H - 20" Wide 16:9 HD

Maimum Resolution: 1600 x 900

2. V233H - 23'' Wide 16:9 Full HD

Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080


My motherboard is Asrock 939NF4GSata2 (; and the chipset is GeForce 6100.

Can someone please suggest:

1. whether my chipset supports the maximum resolutions of the above mentioned monitors?
2. Do I need to buy graphics card to adjust the resolution?
3. Does anyone have any negative review for the above mentioned monitor?

Any help will be appreciated.

Im not a hardware geek. :-x

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  1. I have a couple friends with Acer's slightly older H223 and H233 Hbmid monitors and they like them a lot. I can't offer any insight into particulars with the new "V-series" though.

    I will agree that regardless of your monitor choice, you should install a discrete card. Even if it's not a "gaming" card, it's just the right thing to do. That on-board GF6100 wouldn't do any new monitor justice.

    And according to Wikipedia, the GF6100 is capable of higher resolutions, but for some reason, people just can't get them to go beyond 1366x768 or 1280x800. Seems that particular problem may have a lot more to do with refresh rate limitations of the monitor than actual limitations of the GPU itself.
  2. Seems like, I'm going to have more expense ahead, this time. :ouch:

    Thanks for helping me.
    Thanks everyone.
  3. Maybe you should consider this one
    8400gs supports 1920x1080 max
  4. Meh... I wouldn't waste $30 on an 8400GS card. May as well spend $45 or so and get something that can actually render 3D worth a damn, accelerate Blu-Ray, decode HD video, with built-in Dolby HD Audio over HDMI, etc etc etc... Hmm... Sounds like an HD5450!

    Like this one from Sapphire: for $43.99 w/ free shipping

    Or from XFX: for $49.99 w/ free shipping

    Both would just plain spank an 8400GS no matter what you threw at it. I truly believe the only reason 8400GS's even exist anymore is so people can Hybrid-SLI cheap-o nVidia IGP's.
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