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Okay, I currently own an nvidia geforce gtx 260. I have had some issues with it, I get lower fps than my friend with the exact same card and I've had some trouble overclocking it too. The fps difference can be significant or just barely noticeable, i.e. he'll get 40-50 on metro 2033 dx 10 max settings. I only ever hope to get 30-35 same settings, he'll get 30-40 on Just Cause 2 I only get 30-35. Not really a huge issue but annoying nonetheless. I plan on upgrading anyway but I'm wondering if I'll just be wasting my money buying an HD 5770 if I should bite the cost and get an HD 5850 or two 5770s. I'm really quite confused on the matter. I suppose the upgrade is not urgent but in the meantime i'd appreciate some input.
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  1. An HD5770 is a sidegrade, whilst an HD5770CF is about 2x the performance (little over an HD5870).

    An OC'd HD5850 will also be a good upgrade.
  2. what is the rest of your friends specs? does he have a lower monitor resolution, more ram, faster CPU, play on DX9, less eye candy turned on? all will effect his FPS.

    If you do plan on upgrading, I would go with the 5850. A single 5770 would not be an upgrade.
  3. Yeah what's ur CPU, RAM, MB............

    If you wanna upgrade, don't waste money on a 5770 (it's a great card, you just won't see any perormance increase from your GTX260), minimum a 5850.
  4. I've got
    intel core i5 750
    Gigabyte P55A-UD3
    4GB DDR3 1600 G Skill Ripjaw
    GTX 260
    But I think I'll just save up for the HD 5850. If someone could post a link to a good card I'd appreciate it.
  5. Quote:
    A gtx260 to a HD5770 would NOT be an upgrade.

    A gtx260 to a HD5850 isn't that much of an upgrade either. Go big.

    There's a million reasons why your friend could get more fps. Monitor resolution, in game settings, cpu speed, etc etc etc

    yeah a 5970 would be great.. but then not everybody can afford it...
  6. If he can afford an HD5850, then it's the best card for the price. The DirectCU edition should be extremely good at OC, and will beat the 5870 (stock).
  7. Yeah well my friend actually runs at a higher resolution, 1920x1080 whereas my monitor only allows for 1680x1050. He has the following:
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz @ 3.00GHz
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    and the same card. I'm rather convinced that my card is just a lemon or something but it's too late to do anything about it. I feel that spending $300 on a video card should bring me to a pretty decent level. I don't exactly have a thousand dollars to spend on a videocard alone. I was also intrigued by nvidia's new GTX 460... I appreciate all the help though.
  8. The 460 won't arrive until June, and considering that the GTX470s competitor is the HD5850, I don't believe that the 460 will compete with the 5850. If it does, its performance would be under.
  9. Oh right, and the exact same settings...
  10. Okay. So by the looks of it I will likely be spending 300 dollars and should go with an HD 5850?
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    yess a 5850 would be great and imo its got the best price/performance ratio on the market
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