CPU and GPU overheating?

Starting a couple days ago, when ever I would try to play a game (Call of Duty: MW2 or something) I would only be able to play for like 5 minutes or not even. My computer would crash. If I would try to restart it right away it would crash while trying to start up. So I would wait, go out and do something, watch T.V. and come back. I restart it if I'm lucky, but then sometimes just browsing the internet or have music up it would crash again. I figured something was overheating. I took a picture of the SpeedFan window but this was taken on idle and after it has been of all night so it is not as extreme as it usually is.

Usually everything is burning up and then after a while goes back down but just again goes burning back up. The temp can get ridiculous, usually the CPU is around 56-62 average, and the GPU/Cores are burning as well. I had cleaned out my computer back in June so I think that is fine. I had to replace my water cooling unit once about a little more than a year ago. My only reasons would be the CPU overheating, or the mobo? I don't think my PSU, or water cooling is failing? But who knows.

My system,

Nvidia GTX 260
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66
2 GB Ram
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  1. bump?
  2. Your cores are at 45c with a water cooler? Its not on correctly, reattach it.
  3. Just take it off and reattach it?
  4. with thermal compound of course.

    Whens the last time you checked the water level?
    Have you made sure the pump is working when it gets hot?
  5. There a good amount of bubbles in it.. =/
  6. With speedfan, the two readings with the orange flames are errors due to the fact the reading is a display of nothing being monitored. Those two reading are monitoring nothing. Use the 'configure' button to uncheck the two reads. The two core readings would be normal. For GPU temps try GPUZ.

    Note the minus 65 reading. Uncheck that under configure also. That is an error due to the reading is monitoring nothing. You have to configure the app.
  7. How do I configure the app?
  8. See the configure button in yur picture? Click on it and uncheck the three non-monitoring temps I mentioned.
  9. After I uncheck them, should I do anything else?
  10. Just configure the app so those three temps do not give a reading. The reading is false because it is reading nothing on the system.
  11. So I reattached my water cooler, I'm pretty sure I did it right, but my cpu over heats even faster now. But even if my water cooler was not working, the CPU wouldn't overheat so fast and shut down the computer while I was idle at the desktop? So it must be a faulty CPU, correct?
  12. If the cooler is not attached properly or has air in the lines, you will overheat. If your CPU is running hot I'd believe its a problem with the cooler, not a "faulty CPU". Incorrect voltage settings could also be a problem.
  13. There are some air bubbles in the line... How can I tell if the voltage settings are correct? Is there any other kind of way to test if its the CPU or water cooler?
  14. u can check ur volage settings from bios.

    also i noticed that ur 12v rail is only at 9v :o thats un aceptable. i hope its only a bad reading.
    get a voltmeter to check.
    use this app and post a screen shot after riming prime95 for 20minutes.

    but honestly, all ur temps r more than ok

    ps: i srsly don get y ppl use speedfan. it was good once upon a time. but it shows loads of errors n confusing info that create headaches for some ppl
  15. I tried running the prime95, but my computer crashes within like 5-10 minutes of running it. But I downloaded the app, do you want me to take a picture of all that info? Or whatever? And can you more in-depth show me how to check my voltage settings?
  16. Bump
  17. If your temps are still way high, you have to bring them down before Prime will pass. I'm not sure what motherboard your using. You can try using PCprobe to check voltages, or go to whoever made your board and see what utilities they offer. Your Vcore should be around 1.3ish depending on if you have a 65nm or 45nm CPU. We need good temp and voltage info if your going to fix this.

    Also, if you have alot of bubbles in the line they have to be bled out. You can't cool with air in your water lines.
  18. The thing is, even if I let my PC cool for a day, running it idle, it still will overheat and shut down. Any program makes it start burning up fast, so there is a small chance I can get Prime to stay up. How do I "bleed" out the bubbles, or how should I? Thank you all for sticking with me on this and not getting annoyed, I sincerely appreciate this.
  19. Could it be that I put the thermal paste on wrong with the water cooler?
  20. Depending on the amount of air bubbles I'd start there. There has to be a guide or website that instructs how to do it.
  21. Gotcha, I'll go from there and report back.
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