Opinions on new gaming build

Hi here's my specs:

Coolermaster Dominator Xcalade (CM690)
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Box
Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H, AMD 785G, ATX
4GB-Kit Corsair DDR3 PC1600 C8 Classic
Powercolor HD5770 1024MB
Cooler Master GX Series PSU - 650 Watt
Asus VW225N
Samsung HD252HJ, 250GB, 16MB

This came to €820 incl. delivery.

Cheers baileys
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  1. You should fill out the sticky form.

    Link in sig.
  2. Well I'm not looking for advice on what products to buy and where.

    I've ordered this already and it was delivered today but I'm at work now so I havnt set it up yet.

    Just wondering what you guys make of it?
  3. Why ask for opinions if you've already bought the stuff?
  4. Jesus christ what do I have to do to get an opinion?

    Ok iloqin,
    for arguments sake we'll say I havnt bought it yet.

    Now what do you think?
  5. Hard to offer an opinion without knowing the intended usage & what your budget was (approximately). I can think of one or two things I'd change if it's a gaming build, but if it's a transcode/HTPC/general purpose, those gaming-oriented changes wouldn't make sense.

    Also, trans-Atlantic prices are weird, it's hard to tell what's reasonable just by eyeballing it. That looks like a $1000 medium-rez gaming build in the US, but I have no idea what it would cost in, say, Croatia.
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