Can I reuse hard drive on new build?

Ive read other threads about this but they didnt really help...

I believe its a seagate 3.5" 7200rpm from a compaq (had no knowledge about computers back then)

I have a AMD cpu and my "future" build has an intel if that matter

It originally had Vista but my pc broke and my aunt fixed it and installed Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit
i cant find anywhere that it says my computer is a compaq except the start up bios thing :p

Plug in ready? :o :D :??: :hello:

When i have the $$$ il get a ssd
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  1. yes you can use any hard disk you like but you will need to do a fresh install of windows on the hard disk.
  2. I don't have the windows 7 disk... Would that be a problem?
  3. It is preferred to clean install as to avoid any possible conflicts between software and drivers designed for the hardware you’re using. That doesn’t mean it won’t run, you may very well be lucky and get away with it.

    Install all the necessary drivers for the computer the hdd is in, if there are undesired problems that occur you'll have a good idea why.
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