Only 10 of 12 GB RAM recognized by Windows/BIOS Asus P6T Deluxe v2

I just added 3 2GB sticks to my PC. I noticed BIOS only listed over 10,000MB, and Windows shows the same. Running CPU-Z shows all 12GB, and the correct 2 triple channel sets. Could there be a reason one of my sticks isn't being recognized outside of that? I'm using an i7 920.

I ran Windows memory diagnostic, but no errors were detected. I figured nothing would be, since one of the sticks isn't showing up in BIOS. Is it possible my BIOS is simply misreporting one of the slots? I don't know why else that one stick would show up in CPU-Z and nothing else.

Screenshot to illustrate:
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  1. Make sure all your sticks are fully seated. Also, what version of Windows are you using?
  2. Windows 7.

    All RAM should be seated correctly. It's all showing up in CPU-Z, as I said. But it's not detected in BIOS. Possibly a BIOS issue? I mean, I don't mind "only" having 10GB, but it's strange that one of the sticks isn't being detected by the system (and yet displays as installed in software).
  3. Huh, weird update:

    After the fourth reboot of my PC (through regular use), all RAM has finally showed up in BIOS and W7. Not sure what happened to cause that, since I haven't changed a thing. Not going to complain, though! Hopefully it stays like this next time I restart the PC.
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