MSI R5770 Hawk with PCIe16 ver2.1 can support mobo with PCIe16 ver2.0?

Please guys,,,
My Graphic Card is MSI R5770 Hawk with PCIe*16 ver2.1, i still don't have mobo. And my question is:

My graphic card, can be able to support mobo with PCIe*16 ver2.00?
I look for this Motherboart:
-MSI P55-GD65 and
-MSI P55-GD55

I see in this tread how this guy have a problem with his G. Card PSIe16 ver2.1

Please help me guys...
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    a 2.1 card works fine on a 2.0 board

    *the thread you linked is about a 2.1 card on very old 1.0 board, your board is far newer with an updated PCI-E x16 slot.
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  4. My # 3 Son and I just finished a new build for my wife. MOBO is MSI 890GXM-G65 with the MSI R5770 Hawk for add graphics. Mind you now, she won't go out a slay people or things in some games but, she will do lots of work and "surf da net" some too. We used OCZ AMD Black Edition memory, 8 GB inside a Silverstone GD05 case. It's a little tight but everything works very well. A Seasonic 650W Series X Gold rated is the PSU. So to answer your question, would the 2.1 card & a 2.0 work well. Yes, they do!
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