Motherboard P8P67 LE

hello people

ive build a new and ive got a P8P67Le with a I5 2500k 3.30GHz

ive installed 2GB ram which is

and i bought another stick of the same ram i installed it and it would not boot on the motherboard the MEM led was on RED akk time i tryed them in different slots ive tryed everything like take battery out and do the jump swtich n put it back

do you think the motherboard is f**Ked


do you think the RAM is f**ked

if someone would advise me what to do il will be very very greatful

thanks :)
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  1. 1) Contact Corsair support with your particulars.

    2) Try running memtest86+ to verify that each individual stick is good. You need the latest memtest beta to be able to run on a sandy bridge system; the old versions will fail.

    3) You need to install the sticks in either the blue pair or black pair of slots.

    4) Ram is sold in kits for a reason. There is no guarantee that the same part number is constructed of the same technology and will work together. This is a rare but possible situation. Corsair should be able to tell.

    5) I think your mobo is OK.
  2. Whats the LE stand for on the motherboard?
  3. don't know :/ but i sorted this problem out its was the processor, the was something wrong with it
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