Unlocked BiOS for Gateway TBGM-01 Motherboard

I was prowling around the internet and stumbled across a site that unlocks BiOSes upon request. I found the screen shots for an Unlocked BiOS for a Packard Bell that I think uses the same motherboard and BiOS as the FX6800-01e. The same guy requested the unlock for the TBGM-01 as he couldn't raise the multipliers in the Packard Bell one so decided to try the Gateway TBGM-01. It was unlocked: http://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Gateway-TBGM01-Motherboard-Bios-Unlock
Maybe what everyone has been looking for. I do know the the Packard Bell version has been tested and confirmed.
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  1. It would be interesting for me, too.
  2. I have all the utilities and and imaging files saved to my desktop. I need to get a flash drive as I can't find one around here. The one for the TBGM-01 MOBO hasn't been tested and confirmed as yet, but I don't see a problem with it. Those guys seem to be very good at what they do.
  3. but did you mean the packard bell version of the FX6800-01e or of the TBGM-01? I know the TBGM-01 has a Packard-bell version, it's my mb. I want to unlock it but i dont know if i can use the TBGM-01 bios for the packard bell version?

    Thanks for your information for now
  4. Ok, here is the link for the Packard Bell : http://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Packard-Bell-G5660-P01-A1-With-Overclocking-Options It has been tested and confirmed.
  5. I haven't got the G5660 but the "TBGM01 Packard Bell Version"

    Everest says:
    Motherboard Name Gateway TBGM01
    Motherboard ID 64-2776-009999-00101111-111408-TYLSBURG$842P8P02_THIS BIOS IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR PACKARD BELL ONLY (R01-A0) COPYRIGHT 2002-2008 BY ACER INC.
  6. Maybe. My BiOS version is R01-B0 ( 17 April 2009; I think ). It is the latest one anyway. I gave you the link to the one for the Packard Bell G5660, which I think is in the same series as yours. They are not sold here in the States anymore. Acer owns Gateway, eMachines, & Packard Bell.
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