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I have a Small Form Factor IBM Think Centre M52 Type 8215-YCM desktop with a Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHZ CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 225 watt power supply, and 128MB of integrated video with an Intel 82945G chipset and I am not sure whether to upgrade to 256MB or 512MB. I found TWO low profile PCI 256MB cards & TWO low profile PCI 512MB cards online. I play video games from the internet and I want the video to be smoother and faster, but will %!@MB help or is that overkill?
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  1. rolli59 said:

    I want to buy the 512MB card, but my IBM has a 225w power supply and IBM does not make one with AT LEAST 400w (required power for the 512MB card) for my system. I looked for one that would fir in my PC, but no luck.

    My other option is to get a Diamond Radeon low profile PCI 256MB HD2400 PRO video card and use it with my existing power supply, as it only uses 200w and I have 225w.

    The only games I play are on www.candystand.com & www.shockwave.com. Those games are the ONLY REASON I want to put an aftermarket card in. I just bought this PC 2 weeks ago and other than no aftermarket gaming card, it fits my needs perfectly.

    Which option do you recommend for my gaming use?
  2. the 9500GT rolli linked will work on your PSU, it draws less power then its PCI-E version but also offer less performance.

    The 2400pro you stated will also work for the games you listed.
  3. Hello! I'm really out of touch with videocards, and i just turned microATX.
    I have an ASRock H55M PRO motherboard with an intel Core i3, and 2GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX (1333mhz, cl7), it has some onboard intel graphic card, but i doubt it'll do anything for video games.
    Being a fan of the GTA series (and having played 2,3,vice,s.a.) i want to play GTA IV;

    What low profile (narrow) card can you recommend for a smooth 25-30fps gameplay at medium/low settings?
  4. you are going to have a hard time finding a low profile video card to give you your desired performance. GTA iV is a very demanding game in terms of hardware. Sparkle makes a low profile GTS 250 but the card does not perform on par as its full size equivalents. It also needs a decent power supply which most slim PC do not have, you did not give your PSU specs.

    What PSU or PC make and model do you currently have?
    What is your monitor's native resolution.

    Your best bet would be to make a new thread and post those specs in them.
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