Core i5-520M vs. i7-620M, price and performance


I am trying to find an answer for this, but I haven't found it anywhere on the web.
I am considering to buy Dell Latitude E6410, but I don't know if I should take the i5-520M or the i7-620M CPU.
The price difference between the laptops (both have an nVidia NVS3100M graphics card) is around 500$.
If I am not mistaken, the difference between the performance of the two CPUs is around 6-12%.
Is it worth the price? Will I really feel a difference between them? Although price is not an issue here, I simply consider to buy the i5-520M since for that price difference I can simply get more memory or simply wait for a better CPU to arrive and invest that money on...
What do you think?

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  1. Hello barman;

    You're not mistaken about the difference in performance being small.
    I think there is way too large a price hike between the two laptops to be due to the CPUs alone. Any other feature differences?
    Intel Core i5-520M review and benchmarks
    Intel Core i7-620M review and benchmarks
    I can't say I'd be willing to spend an extra $500 for such a small improvement in performance.
  2. Take that $500 difference and use it to get a SSD, and you will get a performance difference that is impressive.
  3. +2^
    The difference isn't worth for $500, you can spend it on a SSD,its worth it.
  4. Thanks guys.
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