Noob needing help. tips pls!!!!

So i am trying to custom build my first desktop, my m50 just isn't enough anymore.

i am looking at a system with the stats and brand:

1tb sata WD
8gb ddr3 Corsair
gigabyte ga-p55
saphire ati 5770
intel i7 860 2.8
corsair tx 750w silent
LG blueray- dvd burn

so like i said its my first time and i have no idea what i'm doing and i hav eno one close to me that knows a PC inside out, is there anything else that i might be missing?? i think these are the essentials.
i would like a coolermaster m690 but its a bit big for my liking, is there analternative with similar cooling? or is any tower case good for this particular build??

i've read that 2x hd5770 = one hd5870, so which is better? i'm not a hardcore gamer, so is a single 5770 enough to run games like MW2, Black ops?? i know crysis is the benchmark, but i dont expect or need the games to run at max graphics, i can compensate. and also is there a difference to running 4x 2gb ddr3 to 2x 4gb ddr3?? keeping in mind that the ga p55 only has 4 slots.

also do i need anything to link up USB? like on the case itself, do i need to buy any hardware to link it to the motherboard???

the budget i have for this build is roughly $1000 give or take 200, for screen, key board etc.

really guys ANYTHING you have from tips, to past experience would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. 1. Two 5770s are slightly better than a 5850 (barely), but a 5870 is better than either. If you're building from scratch, always go with the single-card option if the performance is roughly the same. Crossfiring is not perfect and can give you problems with some programs even if you know what you're doing, just because the program doesn't like multiple GPUs. Also, it usually generates a lot more heat and uses more power.

    2. Having said that, a 5770 can run any game out there, including Crysis -- but how well depends on your monitor size (probably 1600 pixels and up is where it might start chugging), and on just how many frames and how much detail you're going for. I do think a 5850 or 5870 would be a better match for that processor in terms of overall performance, though.

    3. The main difference between 2x4GB and 4x2GB is the price. No reason to go the 2x4 route for gaming. In fact, for gaming, you really are never going to use more than 4GB, so I would save some money and not even bother with 8GB at all.

    4. You do not need anything special for the USB ports. The rear USB ports are part of the motherboard, and for the front-panel ports, the case should have some connectors already attached -- all you have to do is plug them into the appropriate USB header pins on the motherboard (this can be tricky to figure out at first, but generally it goes red-white-green-black) from front to back).

    5. Also, instead of the i7 series, you may want to consider AMD and save a couple hundred bucks. You can get the best Phenom II x4 quad-core, or even an AMD six-core, for substantially less than even the El Cheapo i7 you had.

    There is basically no reason to buy Intel these days unless you like paying a 40% premium for name recognition alone. Intel's very top CPUs (think $500 and up) outperform AMDs very top CPUs ... but for anything besides that, there is a significantly cheaper AMD equivalent that performs exactly the same. Motherboards for AMD processors tend to be slightly cheaper too.
  2. A single 5770 can run Crysis at medium settings, most games at high settings and some at very high settings (usually there is an ultra high above that) on a 1920x1080 monitor. If thats good enough for you then the 5770 is a good price/performance choice.

    What are you going to use the computer for that you need an i7 860? For gaming performance the cheaper i5 750 is just as good.

    Same question on the RAM, most people do not need more than 4GB.

    Get the P55A motherboard model so you get USB3.

    The case, motherboard and power supply have all the cables you should need (assuming you buy everything in new retail boxes).

    If you are not going to use your PC as a blue-ray player then just get a cheap $20-25 DVD burner.

    See if you like this Antec 300 illusion case. its cheap and there are always combo deals with good Antec PSUs.

    With a single 5770 you only need a 450-500W PSU.
  3. OMG i freaking love you guys,
    thanks for the help.
    yeah 5800s are pricer but thanks i'll work something out

    so on a system that you guys suggested, something like a 4gb, 5770 or 5850, and a i5 750, how long would that last me in terms of graphics and game advancement??
  4. An i5 with a 5770 will play games at 1920x1080 at medium to very high settings for the next 3-5 years. A 5850 plays at high to ultra high for the next 5-7 years. Software doesnt increase that fast and if anything games seem to be tending toward better efficiency rather than more glitz right now.
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