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I turned on my computer today to find random artifacts when xp loads which then will freeze. I didn't install any programs or updated any drivers the day before. I opened up my computer to see a lot of dust, so I cleaned it up and it would still freeze. After playing around with my comp, I found it works fine(as I am typing right now from this computer) when I uninstall my video driver. When I reinstall the newest version of the video driver, i still get random artifacts until my comp freezes. Is this most likely a dead video card or could be something else? I hope its just my video card and not my motherboard or something more costly.

XFX LT 680i
XFX nvidia 8800GT
2gb ram
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  1. It sounds like you Graphics card.
  2. If you have another card to put in the computer, I would do that to confirm that it is def. the video card.
  3. Thanks. Yea I put an old video card in and my computer doesnt lock up anymore.
  4. That is a hard way to find out that you need a new video card. Good luck in finding one.
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