5870 seeming a little slow

I have a 5870 xxx edition and i have been feeling a little slow in games, in everquest 2 on high settings i sometimes drop around 20 fps and my average is only about 30 it might just be me but any way to check if somethings wrong? Specs

4g ddr3 xms3 lat 7
cadviar black 7200 rpm 500g
Phenom II 965 @ 3.4
850w x3 ultra psu

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. 1. Did you have an Nvidia card before? Or any other ATI card?
    2. Resolution?
    3. Post a pic of the voltages and temps through HW-monitor
  2. i had an nvidia card before this but on a different system the res. is at 1680x1050 and here is a link to the pic http://i1009.photobucket.com/albums/af215/calaber24p/Pic.jpg thanks in advance :)
  3. There is either a huge glitch in HW-monitor reading your voltages, or your PSU is almost completely dead. Your 5v rail is reading .45v, and your 12v rail is reading .44 - it's suppose to be ~5v and ~12v respectively.

    Again, this could just be HW-monitor incorrectly reading your voltages. And why is your min CPU temp 30'C and max CPU temp 31'C - did you just keep it at idle?
  4. is there anyway to check if that is a bug or if my psu is about to die ? and yeah my cpu isnt oc i really only get to about 38 max ever anyway
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