Case: Antec 200 or 300

Im restricted to spending about $65 Australian dollars on a case
and have narrowed it down the the 200 and 300....
Can some1 tell me which one would be better for this build.
CPU: AMD AM3 Phenom II x4 945 3.0GHz
Mobo: Asus M4N98TD-EVO
GPU: 1GB Gigabyte GTX460
Hard Drive: Seagate SATA 500GB
Optical: SATA Samsung
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz G.Skill-NT
PSU: Corsair TX-650watt

Unsure what would be better?
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  1. Hello westham101;
    Here are a couple video reviews:
    Antec 200 and Antec 300
    I think the 300 is a nice upgrade over the 200. Take that if you can fit it into your budget.
  2. Definitely the 300.
  3. Both are good cases, and will hold your parts and cool very well.

    Pick the one that visually appeals to you.

    I might pick the 200 because it has a front mounted hot swap hard drive bay and is usually enough cheaper to pay for an added 120mm fan in front.
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