Galaxy GTX260+ for this PSU

This may be very noobie question but will my 600watts of PSU work with Galaxy GTX260+? i'm planning to buy that card but i dont know if my PSU can handle it

here's my fully specs of my PSU

and the specs of my computer

E7500 2.93Ghz
Windows 7 64bit
500GB Seagate
Palit Geforce 9800GT Green Edition (my current graphic)
Intex 600watts PSU

and i dont really go with Overclocking stuff...

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  1. That PSU has a very low +12volt rating 26amps on a 600watt. It is not enough for the GTX260. I suggest a better PSU a good brand like Corsair or Antec for example.
  2. To be safe, I would get a better PSU if possible.
    If it is not possible, I wouldn't do any OCing of any kind, CPU, GPU or anything else.
  3. how about this PSU?

    the 650watts is only available here and i think the only modern rated PSU here its worth as 9800GT >.<
  4. That seems to be a little better because of the 80plus assurance. Is the original psu 80plus or better, rated?
  5. there no other rated PSU but only "iCute Titanium 650watts" which my other reason why i get only this PSU, my current psu is 600watts its cheaper cost only 20$ the iCute 650 is $90 i dont know how worth this psu for its price
  6. Where do you live?
  7. xD i can't use shipping its not available here like newegg
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