Music Production Card?

I am putting together a Music Production computer and I am trying to find a suitable sound card that isn't to expensive.
The CrossHair 4 is the mobo I plan on buying and the external interface I am getting is the M-Box 2.

So I pretty much need something thats as cheap as possible but efficent, but no more than 100$.
I currently have in current computer a Sound Blaster Audiology Value 2, and i don't think it will last that much longer.

Thanks for info. I know a sound card will enhance the overall quality of sound, even though I will plugging mostly
everything into the M-Box 2, it will still be nice to have for everything sound!
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  1. Check out the M-AUDIO Audiophile 2496 and see if that's something like what you're looking for.
    M-Audio webpage
  2. Suggested sound card is very good, but for professional use you may need balanced In/Out so check the M-Audio Audiophlle 192, even it costs more than $100

    Both cards are compatible with the famous ProTools professional recording software.
  3. Yeah I have seen those, but, I am using a Mbox 2 which is an external audio interface(external sound card) for
    hooking my midi controller into, then also guitar and mics. I also would be able to hookup my studio monitors to this also,
    which makes having a interal sound card almost not worth it, esp when a mobo like crosshair 4 already has decent sound.

    The reason I just don't get something like the m-audio cards like those is, I have read plenty of places that
    having your interface interaly, it just sucks compared to having something like the m-box.

    So I am pretty much looking for a sound for DVD, Music playback(Real player, itunes), and regular run of the gun audio
    pretty much a home entertainment card for 5.1 and stuff.

    If I read around correctly, having the external interface, everything plugged through it will be just like plugging them
    into a very nice interal sound card. The only problem is, there are things that are used in music that just plug
    into USB, so having a decent up to date internal card is required.

    Actually for the price of most cards, the m-audio might just be perfect. I was looking at the Asus D1, DX, and STX, then
    over at the Creative Fatality. But I might look into just getting one of them maudio cards even though I will have
    a Mbox!
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