Windows replaced bad clusters in file question.

Hello everyone.

"Windows replaced bad clusters in file 309.. "

Now the file itself was a video file, and I want to understand what that message means, but I am having trouble working it out.

Does this mean that the data in those clusters has been lost? Is the video file now missing that data? Has Windows salvaged some data from the sectors in those clusters and moved that data to a new location?

Full of questions, but I cannot figure it out, any help will be much appreciated.
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    It means that it at least tried to salvage the file (data could be corrupt), only way to find out for sure is to play it.
  2. ^^^ This.

    And if it is corrupted, it is highly unlikely that you'd be able to restore it. I sure hope you made a backup at some point. For more information on this, though, you're better off asking videophiles.
  3. Well most file had CRC. It usefull to correct the file if some byte is miss writen/read or corrupted....... (this is error recovery, but only works if the file is not damaged to much)

    In this case seems that the thing that happened....

    btw u should backup the important data and monitor your bad sector count, if it increase in short time (couple of days/weeks) u should replace the hdd

    If the count don't increase, it still safe but don't put important data in it....

    (I had 4kb bad sector beacuse of power failure but in 2 years the count don't increase and still working fine :D )
  4. yes, rolli59 is right. Windows moved the data from bad sector to some other good sector and marked the damaged sector as bad. Ur current installation of windows wont use that bad sector again unless u format with a fresh installation. It is same as available in tools> error checking option> search and replace bad sectors ( a full surface scan). Mostly if windows fails to recover data from going bad sectors u will get a data error cyclic redundancy check like messages.
  5. Best answer selected by bananabread.nnThanks everyone. Appreciate the advice too, the file itself is corrupt, and now I know that if I want to make sure that I am able to keep something, I have to back it up.
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