Has ATI gotten drivers out that work yet?

looking into a new rig and don't want to blow 2g to the wind without knowing what I'll be getting into...
right now the plan is to have two 5870s xfired, running two SyncMaster 305t monitors @ 2560 x 1600

so that means no eyefinity, just xfire and two monitors at really high rez...

and on a second note, how would I connect the monitors if I'm doing xfire, both monitors into one card? or one monitor into each card?

thanks guys,
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  1. Hey there,

    ALL drivers have their issues, whether ATI or NVIDIA.

    In my experience, certain drivers work better on certain systems. ex, Cat 10.1s were WOEFUL on my rig yet others found them OK.

    Install the drivers that came with your cards and start from there.

    Secondly, you would probably connect BOTH monitors to a SINGLE card.

    Good luck.
  2. thanks!
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